Zahra Khan, DYCE's Founder

They say the most magical things are destined to happen at the right time and that is exactly what Chef Zahra Khan has experienced with DYCE.


Last year, she opened the doors of her first cafe Feya and motherhood at the same time. In 2019, DYCE was launched a few weeks before her second baby girl was born. 


Juggling life between beautiful creations, both desserts and babies, Zahra inspires and transforms the life of every woman around her and aspires to blossom everyone’s sweet dreams with DYCE.  


With its insta-worthy treats and melting ice cream theme, DYCE brings a modern and electric vibe to the heart of London. 

Make Your Own Sweet Treat

The fun starts with customers choosing from our bespoke menu of doughnuts, brownies and cookies as a base.


DYCE offers various exhilarating gelato flavours paired with a delicious mash-up of toppings to make your dreamed-treat come true. Vegan and gluten-free options options are available. 


We also have milkshake and seasonal specials that are set to be a favourite for Instagram.


If you don't feel like having ice-cream, indulge into a brew of organic bubble tea. What is your ultimate favourite: fruit or milk tea? 




Our eye-catching and trendy décor makes you feel like you are encapsulated in a melting ice cream.

Our colourful shop is composed of cosy seating with pods, a melting ice cream floor, and walls plastered with concave mirrors as a reminder of our refreshing bubble teas.


The funky setting and decadent treats are a perfect heaven for Instagrammers.


Welcoming guests from all around the world, DYCE's international team is eager to create the sweet treat you've always dreamed of.  

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