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DYCE has a profitable business model with a solid customer base who always come back for more indulgent treats 🍪🍧🍩


Passionate about food, our founder Zahra Khan created a bespoke menu that tastes as great as it looks. She also selected gluten-free and vegan items to cater to everyone.

No one should be left out without a delicious treat.


Today, visual merchandising and store layout are essential to business success, so we made sure that our shop has the perfect light and background for food pictures. The bubble theme has made us very popular among influencers, bloggers and in the media.


Beyond our funky décor, DYCE’s experience always ends up with a smile – not just for the camera. Our international team is keen on sharing its passion for food with our customers and loves creating sweet treats for each of our customers.


If you want to make your entrepreneurial dream come true, we want to hear from you:

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